The top-selling tv antennas in US 2019

Indoor TV antennas are still popular and can be used almost everywhere, hence we are proud to provide our customers with review of best TV antennas for your home. This review is based purely on our own opinion by carefully analyzing the products’ quality, capability, technical characteristics, functionality, looks and many other factors. We hope that our choice will be helpful for you when looking to purchase this product and that information this article contains will be useful.

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Review top 5 tv antennas

  1. Mohu Releaf HDTV antenna. This product is widely regarded to be as the best nonampliphied antenna by many analysts. It has a very unique design, which looks like a piece of plastic connected to the wire. It can be put on the table or to be stacked to a wall, which makes it very convenient whilst being used. It receives up to 62 channels and has a brilliant range of 32 miles. It offers 1080P reception, which enables it to provide strong and high quality signal. The package offers 10 feet cable as well as the product itself has the dimensions of 11.5x9 inches. 
  1. 1Byone Super Thin Model OUS00-0569. Although this is not the cheapest antenna on the market, it is believed by many that it offers the best value for money. It is made of metal and plastic and can be fitted inside and outside the house. The product can receive up to 38 different channels and pick it up from the range of 35 miles. 1080P reception will allow receiving high quality signal and displaying a wonderful picture on your television. The antenna is also relatively compact and has the size of 13.25x9.25 inches. So rightly so it occupies the second spot in our review of best TV antennas. 
  1. Mohu Curve 50 Amplified Designer Edition. This antenna can be described as the best amplified tool to receive television signal at home. One of the most important features is the design of the product, which is also mentioned in its name. It is a slightly bended, well curved appliance that can easily be fitted in any interior. It looks absolutely brilliant and at first cannot be regarded as a home TV antenna by any means. It can receive around 58 channels and can pick up the signal from the range of 50 miles. 1080P reception will allow enjoying great picture quality as well as the package will contain 20 feet cable. It also has a perfect size of 11.75x7.75 inches, which makes it ideal to locate it virtually anywhere. 
  1. Winegard Elite 7550 outdoor HDTV antenna. The product does not come cheap but it is believed that this is probably the best HDTV outdoor antenna. It has outstanding performance figures with up to 73 channels received, which can be picked up from a distance of 70 miles. It has a modern design which will not make any visual distractions of your house for both your neighbors and yourself. 1080P is the standard figure for any reception and the product is capable to produce it with ease. Although the price is relatively high the cable is not included in the package and will have to be purchased separately. Its strong performance figures are based on antenna’s size, which are 30x17.5x5 inches. 
  1. Clearstream 2Max HDTV antenna. The biggest advantage of this antenna is that it can be installed outdoor as well as being used inside the house. It capabilities and characteristics will not be affected but almost certainly will allow to clear some space inside your house. It has a unique design so that it looks attractive no matter where it is installed and will not negatively affect the interior of your house by any means. The antenna will receive up to 44 channels and the signal will be picked up from the range of 60 miles. Standard 1080P reception is provided easily enabling high quality picture on your television screen. Cable is not supplied in the package but its relatively low price will allow purchasing it separately. 


Our exclusive review of best TV antennas is purely based on our own opinion. There are thousands of different products on the market, which capabilities and general characteristics are roughly similar from one to the other. We carefully considered independent opinions and made the final conclusion by offering the best five antennas either in terms of price, quality, strength of the signal, value for many and a few other aspects. Any of the above mentioned products will be ideal for any home and will ensure long durability. We hope that our advice has been useful for you and will help to make your final decision whilst choosing the right product at our online store!


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